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Neftalí & Grupo Borikuas

Grupo Borikuas, a Latin band that performs dynamic ethnic music of Puerto Rican & Afro-Caribbean roots, was born in 1996, five years after its founder Neftalí Rivera moved to Oregon. It arises with the purpose of spreading Puerto Rican music and culture throughout the Portland and the Willamette Valley community.

During their first public performance at Pioneer Square in Portland, they were contracted by the Oregon Folk Department to play their music through a series of presentations in Portland Public Parks under the program “Music in the Park”. It was through this performances that Grupo Borikuas became to be known in Portland and surrounding cities. Ever since, Borikuas have been successfully performing in private events, conventions, and cultural activities such as “Celebration of National Hispanic Heritage”, “Celebrate Hillsboro”, “Latino Cultural Festival”, “Salsa en la Calle”, and “World Series Music Concerts” among others.

Borikuas members are all from Puerto Rican descendant who authentically feel passion for their heritage, their music, and their culture. Sharing this passion as well as a true friendship, through their presentations and performances, Ramón Cancel( lead guitar, Puerto Rican cuatro, and vocals), Aquiles Montas and Martín Velez (percussion and vocals), and Neftalí Rivera (guitar and lead vocalist) give life to the Puerto Rican music.

Neftali Rivera and Borikuas have been performing on a regular basis at Andina Restaurant for the past 11 years. For more information visit, http://www.youtube.com/neftalirivera


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